Thursday, May 8, 2014

Answer: Babies and Flowers

BJ and M--2001

  Question:  What were two of your Mom's favorite things.
  Oh yes, it's that time of year when we think about our moms....and their moms....and the women in our lives that are such a big influence.  (That doesn't mean that I don't think about her alot, but here we are at Mother's Day!)
  This is a picture of my Mom with her first great-granddaughter.  She loved rocking babies, that's for sure!

  She also loved her flowers.  These iris actually came from my grandmother's garden originally, and then transplanted to my Mom's garden.  Now they bloom for me.  Another link to the past.

I guess that explains my love of iris....

.....and peonies.

  I went out to the Fringe Tree to get a close up of the blooms on the tree.  As you saw from last week's blog, from a distance, they just look like a ball of fluff.
   Up close, you can see how it looks like white thrums dangling on the branch.  Maybe that's why I enjoy this tree so much!!!!
  And, I should tell you that it has the most amazingly sweet smell!!!!

Now....for some more answers to questions:

Theresa:  Yes, those are patterns on the table in the Tuesday blog.  Sometimes they are part of the donation that comes in the studio.  Needless to say, they get snapped up, too.  I got a great hat pattern last Tuesday.

Hilary:  Yes, we wish you lived closer, too!  Please know that you are welcome any Tuesday (or any day.....we'll meet you at the Center) if you are in town.

Karen:  Yes, the coverlet pattern is Lee's Surrender.  I think that is a favorite for lots of folks.

  That's all the answers I have for now.
Oh, yes....I forgot.....I did weave on my towel warp last night.  You WERE asking, right???

Happy Weaving!  (and Happy Mother's Day!!!)

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Maggie said...

Hmmmm... where can I put a fringe tree in my yard? I love it!