Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dyeing to Finish

 I've been knitting this shawl for the last few weeks, and really enjoying it.  It's garter stitch in the middle, and the lace edge knits up as it goes along.  And when the shawl is the right size, the lace edge gets knit up along that edge, decreasing to attach the lace to the shawl.  So fun!
  But, alas!  I ran out of yarn, six inches from the end.  Poop!  And I can't buy more, because I dyed the yarn!  Well, what's a girl to do?  I found the original yarn, wound off a tiny bit, threw it into a tiny little dye pot, boiled it up, washed and dried it and am about to finish knitting the shawl.

It seemed silly to dye such a tiny bit of yarn, but that's all I want.  I'm ready to knit, and finish that shawl, and guess what!  Start a new project!  I'm going to participate in the Knit A Long sponsored by Knitting Daily.  Go here:

That's not all I've been doing, though.  I've been outside, too.  I've got tomatoes!  And flowers on my oak leaf hydrangea for the first time in its life.  The garden is going gangbusters!  I'm excited about all the good vegies that will be ready soon.
  I've been weaving, too, on the lemon-lime scarf, but a picture wouldn't be any different from last week's.  I've decided to only have the first and last 12 inches of the scarf beaded, because it's taking forever, and I think that would be enough for show.  More updates as they come!
  Great weather for staying inside and weaving, so go get to the looms!  Happy weaving!


LA said...

I would have dyed that small amount of yarn, too, if all I needed was 6" to finish that shawl!!!! Bravo! The garden is lookin' good--yummy fresh veggies on your table very soon!

Tina J said...

Way to go Maggie! Three cheers for self sufficiency!