Monday, May 26, 2014


So, for the last few days we were up in Canada. Yup, my husband and daughter came with me. Last Friday evening we were in Regina to see Tommy Emmanuel play during his first Canada tour. DD decided to stay home and babysit kittens....but first, don't you like the special Grandma,  granddaughter moment? I think they have missed each other a lot!!
So about the sister was asked to take in 4 kittens whose mother abandoned them when the had to be moved from their nest on the farm. They figured they were 3 weeks old. She had them a week before we got here. So we've been in the thick of bottle feeding them, loving them and trying to keep them corralled. So far we've succeeded but it won't be long before they will venture beyond the area we've got them in.
Here's DD feeding one of them, not sure which...and Bear is on her arm.
 My sister has Fluff in her left hand and is feeding Zorro.
This is Digit in the box. That box is where they sleep. It's so cute to see them crawl into the box when they are tired and collapse on top of each other to sleep!! Mom likes to roll her wheelchair to the box to check on them. They think the wheels of her chair are a jungle gym. She is sure to lock her wheels when she sits to be sure they are safe. Then, before she moves we are careful to see where they are first..
This is a pretty typical scene, feeding kittens while others are nearby. My sister is feeding Digit while it looks like Bear and Zorro are sleeping and Fluff is nearby
Here's Bear. I think my sister is keeping Bear and one other one. Bear is the runt and very cuddly, always wanting to snuggle up near your neck. 
These little ones have grown since we got here!! Soon they will figure out how to lap their food from a bowl but for now they eagerly look for the bottle when my sister comes nearby.

So, we're heading back home to get back in the routine and put a new warp on my loom!
Until next week, keep weaving!


Tina J said...
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Tina J said...

It is good to see your family covered in kittens! I am glad Sis is keeping 2, they can play rough with each other, and gently with the humans. DD looks like she is loving it! Safe travels, see you next week.