Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday Once Again!

"I put it in the washer with lots of color catcher strips, but the red ran." 
  Yes, that's happened to me, too.  It still is a beautiful blanket.

  Now for rugs......Ann is involved in another project for the next little bit, so Pat is going to weave rugs on that warp.  Here she is starting a clasp weave rug. 
  More pictures on this one later!!!

This is the rug that Ann finished before she left.

Sharen joined us today.  She had ordered some bamboo from Carol, and she needed to wind a new warp. 
  Ah, well......sometimes tangles DO happen!!!!

No red on the baby blankets....Tina pulled some pink that is working up very nicely.

Towels and scarves keep Shirley and Bonnie plenty busy!

And, speaking of towels, Linda brought her brand new off the loom towels she wove at home.  These will really get the job done!

Molly is ready to sley the reed on her newest warp.  This is her first project on the Pup.

Jocelyn and Linda chatted a bunch as they wove today.  Linda brought her stand for her Cricket Loom, and got a lot woven on her scarf.

The rug using an old quilt top cut into strips is so colorful!  Carl matched some additional fabric to join this week to add to the rug.

Christy is using some bling on this inkle warp.  I'm looking forward to see what else she adds to this!!

More towels from Betsy's warp, and another placemat started on Margi's warp. 
  Busy Ladies!!!!

Marie gave us an update from the Board Meeting. 

  A big THANK YOU to Karin for volunteering to be the new Librarian.  (And, thank you, Pat for all your hard work in the past!)  We are always adding new books to our collection, and it's nice to be able to check out some of the classic books that are a valuable resource.

The day passes too quickly!

Happy Weaving!



Tina J said...

I about cried when I saw Pat's coverlet! But after that it was another productive day at the Center.

KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

oooh too sad about the dye running.... can she wash it again with more color catchers?

thanks for the idea of the rug with the quilt top! i have a poorly sewed and matched up one from a thrift shop that only cost me $3. I might cut it into strips and weave it up into a rug instead!

Karen and Steve
(Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

Theresa said...

I wonder if hand soaking a blanket in cold water before putting it in the washer might allow you to take some of the dye out. Hosing it down maybe so there isn't as much free dye in the wash? Dang red dyes! Some wonderful projects going on and completed. I always look forward to Weds. morning to check in you know.

Maggie said...

It took 9 color catchers for my red coverlet to come out clean. I wonder if she washed it again? It was that darn Kentucky Cardinal Red!