Thursday, May 15, 2014

Christmas In May I'm either really late OR really early!  Actually, my sweet sister got me a gift certificate for Christmas at Clinch River Yarn Company in Clinton.  Yesterday I stopped by to select my present!
  I don't even need to say it....I LOVE that shop!!!  I had such a good time with Sandy looking at all the beautiful yarn.  As you can see, I did find a few things I liked!!!!

    Now I just need to get a warp woven off one of the looms so I can put on a new warp!  What a great incentive!

  Today would be a great day to weave inside since the temps are taking a dive!  Yesterday it got up to 90 degrees, and you can see what it looks like today!
  Ah, Spring!  You sure keep us guessing.

This is my surprise this Spring.
I transplanted this red yucca from my courtyard in New Mexico nine years ago.  It has continued to grow, but it has never bloomed. 
  Saturday morning I noticed that it had sent up a stalk.....I can't wait!!!!  I love the delicate blooms on this plant, and I know the hummingbirds will enjoy them, too. 
  I'll keep you updated.

Happy Weaving (and playing with fiber!)


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Maggie said...

First of all, I love that your new found fibery friends are in your basket! Secondly, congratulations on the yucca! Patience won out in the end! Please do post pictures of it in full bloom. Or just invite me over!