Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Last Day of a Vacation Well Spent

 Today was the last day of my vacation, one spent with good friends, learning new skills, planting and pruning and weeding, a little weaving and a lot of knitting.  It was a glorious day, hot and sunny and blue skyed.  I saw a good movie, ate a good dinner and just finished some ice cream.
  Tomorrow, it's back to the bakery, but I'm rested and happy and feel full of accomplishments.  The basket class was grand, the garden was fulfilling and time spent with lots of different friends made me feel lucky indeed.
  I didn't weave, but did manage to get them green warp wound on.  I would have threaded it this morning, but I had a date with some plants that needed transplanting, so it will wait until next week.

I've made a lot of progress on the turquoise shawl, and am really enjoying it.  I made an error in counting on the Norwegian sweater, so it sits idle for now while I start an easier seed stitch cardigan with some hand-dyed silk and cotton.

Those floppy floozies, the peonies are all in bloom.  They crack me up.  They're so beautiful, but they get so heavy, they can't hold themselves up, just like big bar chicks with too much to drink.  Not that I would know about that.  I'm just projecting!

One of the nicest things to happen this week was to find out my fig tree was still alive.  I was starting to dig it out to replace it, and lo and behold!  Little figgy sprouts coming out of the base of it!  This fig tree has had a lot happen to it in its short life, so to find it still kicking was a delightful surprise.
  I hope your week is full of happy surprises, too!  Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Oh, yay! The fig tree made it! I am in the starting gate of a cardigan too, what is your pattern?

LA said...

Oh, those little surprises!!! Aren't they just the topper for your week! (BTW, I didn't fall off that bar stool....I was pushed!)