Wednesday, May 21, 2014


 I've noticed during my lifetime so far that I have a tendency to be in a color mood from time to time.  I can walk into a fabric store (ah, those were the days!  when there was a local fabric store! but I digress...) and choose four fabrics, all the same color.  Same with a yarn store:  several types of yarn, a few different projects in mind, but all the same tones or shades.
  Today, I finally threaded the hand dyed lime green-lemon yellow warp that Lanny dyed for me last summer. I began with a threading right out of Marguerite Porter Davison's book, a diamond pattern, but when I started it, I didn't like the blocky look of it.  I went back to the computer where I'd put it in Weave Design, and tweaked it a little, shaft four coming in between two shaft ones, pushed over the selvedges a little, and started over.
  It's a little more rounded, little more symmetrical from one pattern to the interlocking next, and there's clearly a place for a little seed bead to emphasize the center of the diamond.
  Well, that meant there needed to be a little more glitz on the hem stitching, and I tried something new this time.  For every bead on the "right" side, there's one on the "wrong" side.  That way, when one has the scarf on, neither side will look "wrong!"
  I was a little worried about the lemon yellow pearl cotton with the warp, but I think it's just right, when it's in action.  The yellow is the pattern weft, and 20/2 tencel, white, is the tabby weft.  The beads are put in with lime green thread that soaks right into the pattern.
  The hot pink stuff is just a strip of fleece I had laying around, just to spread the warp, but I do like the contrast, and might dig up some pink and lime green embroidery floss I have left over from another project for the next scarf.
  Beading is fun, and beautiful, and I really do love the way the scarf is turning out, but I got very tired of being hunched over the loom on the beading rows.  I needed something else to do!  The turquoise shawl with the incorporated lace edge is coming right along, but I saw a dropped stitch in it, and don't feel like fixing it right now.
  So, I picked up the other current project:  A lime green-lemon yellow hand dyed cotton and silk sweater.  Must just be in the mood!
  Tina asked for the pattern last week, and I hope you can see it.  It's a seed stitch cardigan with an asymmetrical opening.  It's super easy, mindless and fun.
  Whatever color you're into today, I hope it makes you happy!

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LA said...

Kermit always said it wasn't easy being green, but that's where you are today!!! Enjoy!