Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Same But Different

Yes, that's right.....we started out our morning with another donation!
  No...we're not complaining.  There's always something in there that is just what we needed. 
  The reeds on the table were NOT part of the donation!  Those are the new reeds we ordered for our looms.  We have added so many new looms to the studio that some additional reeds were in order.

  Pat was hard at work from the get-go repairing the coverlet (sometimes a thread didn't lift the way it was supposed to!)  She had a new picture of her granddaughter, too.  What a cutie!!!!

But, there's always time to catch up with friends!  Maggie dropped by today to see the Weavers and see what was new in the studio.

  Using the colored towels in the rug warp turned out GREAT!  Way to go, Linda!

  Sharon has been weaving on the placemat warp....today she started a new batch of mats using some fabric that had been donated.

It sure was great seeing Lanny today.  He got right to work on the small Macomber with the huck lace towels.  He was weaving so fast it was just a blur!!!!!

    Tina was able to sit down to weave today on the baby blanket warp.  You can just see the edge of the leaf as it takes shape.  Reducing the size of the warp sure does make it easier to weave!

I was able to catch Eiko and Bonnie as they worked on the Pup.  I think they were having way too good of a time, don't you?

  We all enjoyed hearing about Ms. Ila's trip to Ireland.  She brought some of her treasures that she found while she was there.  (Sorry....no pictures....too busy drooling!!!!) 

  If you see Shirley, ask her if she has any tips on tying a string heddle????

  Ann finished weaving the "fun" part of the rug, and it's back to brown wool. 

  Two rugs were cut off of Karin's warp this afternoon.  These rugs will have sewn hems, so we'll get to see them in the shop soon.

  Carl keeps careful notes on each of the rugs that he weaves on the old barn loom.  Next week we'll see the strips cut from the old quilt top that was donated to the studio.  They will make a lovely rug.
  So much weaving going on in the studio today....you just gotta love it!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

I always enjoy Weds morning when I get a peek at what went on Tuesday. Did I see sewing patterns on that table?

Hilary said...

It looks like so much fun. I so wish I lived closer!!!

KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

ooh love the coverlet! is that Lee's Surrender?

Karen and Steve
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