Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Really Was Going To Weave, But...

 I had every intention of weaving today, after spending most of yesterday out in the yard, mowing, whacking and planting.  But I had to drive to Maryville for work in the morning, and needed to deliver samples to Horn of Plenty.  Now, Knoxville friends, if you've never been to Horn of Plenty, and you love plants, please go soon.  It's amazing.  The owner, Dwayne Smith, knows a lot about plants, and will help you if you have any questions.  But more than that, the prices are great, the selection is huge, and you will find unusual plants you won't find anywhere else.  If you don't find what you want, he will order it for you.
 Many of the plants in my yard are from there, including the climbing hydrangea above, with the first full blooms of its life this year, after five years in the ground.  It's a gently climber, not impacting the brick as it clings.  And it's beautiful!
  The roses are bursting forth,

 the clematis is, too, as Weftie can attest,

And I am proud to announce that I finally feel like a true Southerner, having planted some Camellias, in a place where they might actually grow.  The poor, sad one in the middle has spent the last three years in the bright sun, and it is still clinging to life, so I've put it between my two new ones.
The flower gardens got some new plants today, other colors than pink, though some pink, too!

 The peonies keep flopping over, though I have had enough this year to cut them and bring them inside.  Their perfume is intoxicating!

The vegetable garden is growing, as are the weeds!  And I've put in a new flower bed this morning.  I'm hoping the poison ivy I accidentally pulled up will leave no lasting effects!
  I hope you're enjoying spring, and have found time for some Happy Weaving!  --Maggie

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LA said...

Your garden is lookin' good! All that TLC is paying off!