Thursday, May 22, 2014

We Be Bangin'

  Really!  There's a lot of banging going on at my house this week! 
  I had a leak around my chimney, and the guys have been up there making a lot of racket today.  Earlier in the week, they were working on a place at the side of the house where a downed limb had caused some damage.
  The gutters have come down in preparation for new gutters with guards on them.  YEAH!  I hate cleaning out gutters!

  All this is in preparation for new paint and new windows.  As you can see, the windows in this house are the original ones, and most of those cranks are missing on the windows in the house.  They are not tight fitting, either!  I think I'll really notice a big difference next winter when those cold winds blow.

  I have alerted the guys about the red yucca plant...and to be very careful around it as they haul up ladders and equipment to the back of the house.  Yes....I'm still on bloom alert.....I don't remember it taking so long to bloom back in New Mexico!!!

I have found that weaving on my towel warp is one way I can block out all the noise of the guys working on the house.  And, now that I'm back to that warp, I am really enjoying weaving on it again.

  I finally found some of the Purex no sort that they have been advertising on TV.  I'm going to do a test batch of mug rugs and see if the red or navy will bleed on a light colored warp.
  Yes.....I'm just that kind of person.....I'll find out for you and report back.  (You realize that IF it does work, it will be very popular among weavers!!!!)

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Weekend.  Let's get this summer going!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

You are going to love having new windows! Keep those loom going, it will cover up all the construction noise, an iPod wouldn't be remiss either!

Maggie said...

Those towels look beautiful!

Theresa said...

Oh new windows will make a world of difference esp. on the heating and ac.
Love the towels. I wonder if the new detergent is just like regular detergent with the color catcher chemical in it?
I hate to say this but I don't sort except when washing a new never washed item.

Meghan Bowers said...

That is so much better and stronger like an armor update. Hahaha! The new gutters should bode well for your roofs in assisting and protecting your home against the rain's battering assault, should the rainy season strike once again. Good job there! Kudos!

Meghan Bowers @ GutterDome