Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stash Bustin'

  Yes....I know....I said I was going to do a run of Cross of Tennessee mug rugs.  But, I kept seeing THIS..........

and THIS!!!!!

  My partial cones and bobbins were starting to get to me.  It was time to take action.

  One of my goals for 2013 was to try my hand at doubleweave, and I had the perfect project in mind to use up some of this stash and learn something new!

  Notice my new raddle for Sass Pup....Linda's husband, Greg, made this for me!  It fits exactly in the groove of the beater where the reed goes.  And, it works like a charm!!!!

 The warp is 8/4 carpet warp set 24 epi.  It is about 3.75 inches in the reed.

  Yes, these are little sachets (or cat toys or pin cushions.)
How fun was this!!!!  I have really learned a lot:
1.  hemstitching is difficult when the set for carpet warp is 24 epi.
2.  you really need to angle your weft to avoid drawing in.

  This project is from Handwoven, September-October 1985.  I've been saving this for when I had time, and now was the time!  This one has catnip wrapped in wool as the stuffing....I thought the kitties might enjoy it.
  I'm going to do a bunch of pin cushions on this warp...but I'm going to machine stitch the hem!!!!  I've got lots of bobbins to use up as weft!  Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

  Right now, weaving is taking a back seat to yard work!  But, the rewards are great there, too.  The iris are starting to bloom, and they are always a joy to see.  (In the background, you can see my enemy:  Virginia creeper!  I'm working my way over to that area today!!!!) 
  The crew is coming today to take out the two BIG limbs that fell in the yard this winter.  I'll be outside most of the day, I guess.  Maybe I'll get to weave this evening.

What's in your stash that needs bustin'???

Happy Weaving!

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Bonnie said...

Glad that you tried doubleweave.