Friday, May 10, 2013

Galavanting About the Countryside

On Wednesday, Lou Ann and I set out early.  We were taking one of our quarterly trips to R & M Yarns in Georgetown, TN.  We made wonderful time and made it there in about 1hr and 20mins!  I think that might be a record!  All we did was go with the flow of the traffic.  Sometimes the state police are hiding out to catch speeders unaware, so we know better than to do that.

I was looking for some 8/2 cotton in a green that I might consider a Christmasy green, whatever that might be.  I  didn't see any greens on the shelf of 8/2's so I asked Candy if they might have some in the back.  (Always a good thing to do!)  She pulled out a very satisfactory color of green, only one cone, it will at least get me started.

I also picked up some very fine mercerized cotton that we thought might work in the Serger!  I will let you know how that works out, it is quite thread like!

Candy told us that she had some more yarn, of the same weight as the green, in a variety of colors, but that most of it was only suitable for weft, since it was single ply, and that she had a hard time selling something like that.  If we wanted all of it she would give me a good price.  I left my number, and name, and I heard from her before the afternoon was out!  She had about 30lbs she thought, of yarn that I might be interested in.  I thought about it for a minute, and told her to set it aside and that I would come to look at it on Friday.

She ended up with about 50lbs of yarn, and I bought the whole lot!  She gave me a very good deal , and with all the colors that were there, I felt like I couldn't pass it up!

A lot of the yarn is indeed the correct weight for my hand towels and napkins, but some of it is quite thin, maybe 16/2!  I figured I could at least double the strands and use it like the 8/2 I am used to.  I had originally thought to take the really fine stuff on Tuesday and see of anyone was interested in purchasing it.  However, I am now dreaming of projects with a very fine Overshot pattern,  table runners come to mind, or really fine napkins.  No decisions as yet!  The colors range from all sorts of blues and greens to the vibrant greens you can see and an orange that is breathtaking!  (There are also several cones that would work fine for warp to boot, colors and natural!)

I am finally spinning up the last bobbin of that black alpaca that I have been spinning for a friend of mine.  It is dusty looking because I haven't washed it yet.  I will wash it after it is plied!  (I carefully washed the white first and it was a disaster!)  I cannot wait to get this finished, in fact it is taking over all my weaving time this week, must keep spinning!  I am not, like I have said many times, not a production spinner!

Even with the weaving, I prefer to sell items that have already been woven!  I do more commission work than I want to, but mostly it is just a color choice, and not a new project!

Thanks for stopping by, I had better continue on with that Alpaca if I ever want to finish it!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

You got a haul!!! Lovely colors! I have a feeling they will find their way into lots of projects on your looms.

Maggie said...

Those are yummy colors, indeed! I'd love to feel the alpaca.

Bonnie said...

A very nice haul indeed. Lots of new projects ahead.