Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bird's Eye View

  When all of the weavers arrive....

....and get down to business.....

....and you stand on a chair to take a good look around.......

......this is what you might see.

  All of the smaller looms are pulled out.....table looms are in place....shuttles are flying back and forth.  Yarn is pulled from skeins to make pull out balls to be used in one of the warps.

  There are always plans for new warps to be made.  Catching up with friends is also on the menu while we're here.

  And, since we're all fiber folks, there might be a little knitting that is shared with friends.

  Or, maybe it's just helping out a friend.  That mean ol' tangle is now just weft for the warp!!! 

  And the weaving looks great! 

  Even our globe trotter is back with us....ready to weave more black & blue rugs.

  And, Lee's Surrender is taking shape on Big Bertha!

  Happy Birthday to Pat (this was a present from her hubby!!!  I think he knows her well!) 

  And, Carl is down to the last RE-weave rug! 

So....what was going on over at the counter?????

Fresh.....homemade biscuits and jelly from Ms. Ila and LaDonna!
YUM....and thank you!!!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Pat. Andy the towels are so very nice.

Tina J said...

Great day today! We were almost at full strength! I love seeing the new projects taking shape!

Maggie said...

So happy to see everyone, including the cameo appearance by Bonnie!