Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Point of View

Sometimes you need a different point of view to spot the problem area!!!  And, that's just what Maggie is doing here.

Then, you just get busy with the threads.........

  Tina got Allan and Lanny to take a closer look at the rope system on the Studio Loom.

By this afternoon, Tina had the new warp wound to go on the loom.  Looks like we'll have to find an iron bar for the back beam before we can wind the warp, though.

Another happy customer!!!  Debbie dropped by to pick up the Re-Weave rugs that Carl had been weaving on the barn loom. 

  Carl has already started on a new blue jean rug......they are popular!

  And, Ann continues to weave on her rug warp.

  Lunch time gave us the chance to catch up with each other.  It sounds like a few of our weavers are making vacation plans!!!!

  Carl and Lanny got back this afternoon with our "newest" loom!  This will be a job for next week!

  Rugs?   Shawls???  Place mats?????
Stay tuned..........

In the meantime,
Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

Lots happened after Lee made me surrender, I see!

Tina J said...

It was a busy day for sure! I endd up tying that warp onto the "sectional" cords! I didn't want to leave it in a less than stable condition!

Bonnie said...

It was a full house with lots going on.