Monday, May 27, 2013

Another Dye Day!

Ages ago we decided that trying to dye on a Tuesday wasn't a good idea. Far too much going on and chaos ruled! So we were dyeing on Thursday which sort of worked ok but still had problems. Saturday we had another dye day. I think we're onto something here. Saturday works much better for everyone and is probably the day from now on that we'll schedule as a dye day. 
Roz brought her friend Lisa along and they were dyeing skeins for the center plus a few for themselves as well. Alot of discussions on which colors to do and how intense the colors should be.....
 More warps for the center with Ann and Judy working on them. This was Judy's first time and it won't be the last. I think she had a blast seeing how what she mixed up looked like on the warps!
 Dye day on Saturday is much quieter. We didn't see alot of people from upstairs although a few visitors wandered down here. You know we're not the only ones that work at the center, creating things. There's a room right off of our space that is the potters. I noticed a potter working on some leaves there while we had our hands in cups mixing dyes! She was pretty fascinated by what we were doing as well. Maybe we can entice her into joining us..
 After lunch we could start on our own warps.
I love how warps get painted and the color combnations that people come up with!
 Got to have skeins of weft to weave on those warps.

I didn't count how many warps or skeins were dyed. It was alot! We got there at 9am and stayed til almost 5pm before we had everything put back and ready for Tuesday again!
The best tips for dyeing: buy those risers they sell to raise the beds of kids going to college. They saved our backs til about 3pm! when we started groaning. We raised our tables so that we didn't have to bend over them and paint our warps.
Other tip: take a chance, combine colors to make new ones and try putting colors together that you might not have before. You don't know how they'll look next to each other or how they'll look woven with a color you hadn't thought of using with that warp...
So I'm just back in town this afternoon. Guess what I'm doing the rest of the day? I have 2 warps and 4 skeins to rinse, rinse, rinse!!
Until next week, keep weaving....and winding those warps to dye!


LA said...

Sure looks like you all got a bunch done! Lovely combinations!

Bonnie said...

What fun colors. I couldn't make it. Had work to get done.