Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quiet Tuesday

It was a quiet Tuesday once again.  Lou Ann had something she had to do this am, so she enlisted me to pick up Carl, and I brought my camera too, since I figured I would need to check in on the blog!

 I got there a little early, and one of the first things I saw were all these baskets on the kitchen counter!   Come to find out, were are to take them home and fill them with something for the fund raiser coming up next month.

Carl only has a couple of rugs left to reweave for one of our best customers.  She bought the rugs 20 years ago, and over the past year or so, she had brought several in for me to repair.  I finally told her that I thought we would do better to just weave new rugs for her, using the old weft.  She was thrilled to hear that that was possible!

These pictures were taken just as I got to the center.  By the time I left, we had unwoven another of those rugs, and Carl had already made some progress on that one too!

Bonnie was merrily weaving away on her newest warp.  These are rosepath placemats.  I think they are lovely!

Here is a close up of La Donna's newest wrap on her loom.

Shirley is making progress on her towel warp, I love how the weft color changes the warp color!

Right after lunch, Lou Ann showed up and started threading her loom, she got over the half way mark today!  

Andy came in for a little bit, and she decided that she should cut off the tangled warp that she had been fighting with for months.  She has enough on the loom to do a couple of hand towels, so that is something.  (There were several of us that took the cut off bits and began to untangle the ends and wind them onto bobbins to be used as weft.  I took no pictures of that whole affair, but we almost got the whole thing untangled!  The rest will be waiting for us when we get there next week.)

We had lots of weavers absent today for several reasons.   I heard Carol say who was doing what, but I really can't remember most of it, so I won't even start!  I did not get a picture of what miss Ila has been working on, but we will be sure to get that next week, and  the close up picture I took of Marie's latest placemats was not fit to post!

A quiet but industrious group today, who knows what next week will be like!  It is always loads of fun though!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


Bonnie said...

Lots of people, laughter and talking. It was hard to concentrate on my pattern and listen to all conversations going on.

LA said...

I didn't peek over the loom to catch a glimpse of Bonnie's weaving....how lovely!!!! I got a bunch of threading done, though!