Monday, May 20, 2013

Painted Warps

The last time we had a dye day I painted 2 warps and about 6 skeins for weft. We had a blast figuring out colors to put together for both. The warps for the center are slowly being woven off. We're planning another dye day for this coming Saturday. So, I decided to weave off my warps and hopefully paint a couple more this weekend!
This first warp was almost pepto bismol pink! I'd wound a huge skein that I painted the same colors. As I was weaving the first vest, I just smiled and loved the bright cheerful color combination.. So, I wove another vest just like it. Because the buttons will be different they won't be the same. Also, the color play of the yarns will make them different as well. You can't have an identical vest when the warp is painted!
 I had ordered some solid black bamboo and I wove the third vest with that. The jury's out on how it
looks. It certainly toned down the pinks. Once the vest is done, I'm sure it will look good but there wasn't alot of interesting things going on with black as the weft as I wove it.
 The second warp had combinations of green , blue and purples. They are all distinctly different. The first weft was really just blues.
 This one added the purple as well.
 The weft I used for this one wasn't the one I originally had planned to use. This was left over from an earlier dye day. It's much more colorful and added some interest to the fabric that was fun to watch as I woven it.
Here's a close up of the interlacement of colors as they change in the warp and the weft.

The fabrics are still rolled up off the loom and I've got another warp almost threaded to be woven today and tomorrow. The process of finishing fabrics takes me awhile but hopefully these will be done later this week. Right now I'm working with the royal warps I wove previously. They're serged and hanging on the rack drying. Maybe I can start cutting and serging to assemble the pieces later today or tomorrow evening...
Weatherwise, we're still in cycles of rain. It rained a bunch this weekend again. We might get some sun's hoping!
Until next week, keep weaving!!


Linda said...

How fun! I like seeing how the colors combinations work together.

I see tthe sun! Yay!

LA said...

Your new washer must be earning its keep by now! I'm glad all that got worked out. Beautiful warps!

Bonnie said...

I also like seeing how the colors change. I like the one with the black weft best.

erin said...

Wow - you've been busy!!! I love the colors. Sigh - why do I have to work?