Friday, May 17, 2013

What I learned this week!

I learned something about myself today.   I learned that I can be halfway through my 9th hand towel before I notice a very obvious threading error!

The error is at the level of this sentence, in the left motif of the two, but in the right side of that motif!  9 towels!  It doesn't show up in the plain weave at all, so that is my excuse!

Guess I get a new batch of hand towels to dry my dishes now don't I!
I also learned not to load a pirn for an endfeed shuttle with 2 strands of single ply!  I am doubling the threads because they are finer than what I need, but just right when I put them together!  The first pirn gave me no trouble what so ever, but the second one was a headache from the beginning!   I know, dumb bunny!  I knew better, that is why I have a double shuttle for my Overshot blankets!  Luckily, I found both of these things out on the same towel!  I guess I may have to ply the two together first, adding another step to the process!

Dear One and I are taking our first camping trip of the season starting this Thursday, which would be yesterday for those reading the post on Friday.  I am going to ask Lou Ann to hit the post button for me Friday Morning.  So if all went well, as you read this, I am probably hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, or maybe I am cooking over my camp stove, and fire pit, or maybe I am spinning up some of the fleece I have on hand on one of my wheels or a drop spindle, (I haven't decided which yet!).  I suppose I could also be knitting, or reading a book, or maybe making a smore on the last embers of the camp fire.  Whatever I am doing, it is going to be fun!

Until next week, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

I hope you're having a grand time in the mountains! The weather is holding just for you! Sorry about the threading error....wanna sell one of the 2nds????

Bonnie said...

It is Sat. morning and raining. Stay dry and have fun.

Anonymous said...

I, too, gained towels for my kitchen. Out of 8 towels, I had woven 4 before I noticed that one thread was mis-threaded. Enjoy your camping trip. -Catherine

Sharon said...

I stared to avail to find your threading error.