Monday, May 13, 2013

In a Blue Mode

I'm back in the groove, or at least I was last week!! We'll see what this week brings!!
I got 2 warps off the loom. Both blue. Royal blue. It's a cheerful color and I like to add some accents to it to bring it more color.
 This accent was kind of like a ribbon. The colors change every couple of inches and on the edge of the ribbon was a bit of a fringe every few millimeters.
 Somewhere I acquired a very cheerful yarn that just asked to be included in a royal blue warp. This one had hot pink, turquoise, gold.....not to be worn by someone who's trying to blend into the wall!!
 By picking some colors and then gradually increasing them toward the middle of the warp, plus the stripes being vertical, makes for a slimming line.
 They'll keep me busy doing handwork once they're serged, washed, cut, serged and then assembled! Hope I have some buttons for them!

I mentioned a few weeks ago having to sew a ladybug baby quilt for a couple who were finally able to have a baby. Their daughter is due in less than a month and I knew I didn't have time to do anything complicated. I was fortunate to find ladybug fabric at Mamaw's Thimble plus she'd gotten in a bunch of polka dots!!
The quilt worked up nicely.The applique bugs in the middle were in  my stash from when I sewed clothes for my daughter, about 15 years ago! They sewed on nicely and I did hand applique the legs, etc. The dots on the bugs are buttons so this little girl will not be able to really play with it til she's older but her Mama loves ladybugs, always has.
 Didn't have time to do alot of piecing but then had the problem of machine quilting those larger spaces. I put 7 inch sashing around it with the red and white polka dots.
 Got the idea of making a template shaped like the lady bug and then quilting along the lines around the quilt. So that's what I did. I had a nice pen that you can mark on the quilt with but then the line disappears when you iron it. It worked too!! How cool!! So Saturday afternoon I got the quilt quilted, sewed binding on and finished that in the evening.
This wasn't a big quilt, only about 36 x 40.  Big enough for a baby and big enough for a little girl to drag around! At least that's the plan. She may have other ideas as she grows!

This week I've already got a warp sitting on the beam waiting to go on. I'd like to get 2 done again this week, both fairly short, but we'll see how life plays out!
Until next week, keep weaving!!


Tina J said...

We just have to keep plugging away at it! I love the royal blue, I am using it too! And Ladybugs are a sure favorite, it's lovely!

LA said...

The ladybug quilt will be a BIG hit!!! That is just too precious!

Maggie said...

That is such a cute quilt! It will be well-loved!