Friday, May 31, 2013

I Had Plans!

I really had plans to have a Wow post today, but I got a call that there were some very special grandkids at a local park, and you know I just couldn't pass it up.  Then before you know it, I was hosting a matinee showing of "Brave" complete with popcorn and followed by pizza!

That means that my special project for today's post is just now getting some attention!  There are those of you out there who are going to be shocked and amazed when I tell you what I was planning.  Mostly because I said I wasn't going to do it!  But you see, the "Tour de Fleece"on Ravelry, is just around the corner, and I have this lovely white fleece, that is just screaming to be one of my entries!

Except, I don't want it to be white............

I want it to be these colors!

I had totally planned to have some of it done in time to post a picture, but alas, as I am writing this post, I have 3 oz. of fleece soaking in some hot water, getting ready for the first batch.  I have never done this before so, I have been watching youtube videos, to get my courage up.

I will be dyeing 3oz batches hoping to end up with 2oz of combed top from each batch.  I don't think I will mix the colors in the dye bath, but I might in the final processing.

At least I did not have to buy any special equipment to do this, (that is my major road block to getting into dyeing!)  these are all non toxic food dyes, totally safe to use what I have on hand!

If I get some done over the weekend, I will come back on and post about it!  Sorry about that!

Until next week, Happy Spinning, Weaving and Dyeing, Tina

P.S.    Mystery fiber for the upcoming Spin day for the Tuesday Weavers!

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LA said...

The best laid plans....oh yes, we know about those!!!!