Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another Terrific Tuesday!

   Betsy, Linda and Judy got right down to the business of weaving at the Center today. 
  Betsy started on a new colorway for the black placemat warp, while Linda is finishing up the last rug on the Studio loom.  Judy is almost finished with her run of aqua mats, and then it will be back to the neutral mats for a bit.

  The knots came up over the back beam early this afternoon, and Linda called it FINISHED!

  Carol took the scissors to the warp before she left this afternoon.  The colors for the new warp are already chosen

  You can see the plastic bag rug rolled out from the loom.  It will be interesting to see how they do at the Fall sales and in the shop.  This is such a great way to recycle!!!

Tina snapped this picture of me threading the towel warp.  I'm so close to being finished with the threading!!!!
  The first towel might just have to be a BIG ORANGE one!!!

  Linda brought her cute little Cricket Loom that she found on Craig's List.  Now she'll be able to weave in the car on her next road trip!

  Marie got the threading corrected, so Linda will have a better time weaving.


  Ann is trying some gray weft in her black rug warp. 

Celebration time!!!!  Carl has finished the Re-weave rugs!!!!

  All five of these rugs were nearly 20 years old, and the warp was worn out....yet, the weft was still in great shape.  The owner is going to be thrilled to have them back!!!

   Since we needed some warps for the table looms for Kid's Camp, Carol gave us a quick lesson on how to wind 5 threads at once without a paddle.  (I now know what I was doing wrong!)  We'll get those looms threaded next week!

  The To-Do list for next week is already growing!
---new warp for the Studio Loom.
---thread the Kid's Camp looms.
---inventory 8/4 carpet warp for new order.

  Oh my.....lots to do!
Happy Weaving!

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Tina J said...

I really love how the blue jean rugs came out! Our client is going to be thrilled when she sees them!