Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 You've heard it here before....some Tuesday mornings we arrive to a donation left on the tables.  Today was one of those days!
    What a treasure trove!!!
  Palm Beach had a factory in Knoxville for many years and it closed back in the '80's.  Today's donation was wonderful suit fabric (and some cottons) that were a feast for the fiberholics in our merry little group.
(The plaid fabric you can see peeking out on the lower right will be used at Foothills for weaving placemats!)
   Oh, yes!  There was even more in the boxes!!!

  We came up with a super creative idea for all this wonderful fabric.  We put it up for sale to the Tuesday Weavers (who were all drooling over it anyway!) with the proceeds going to rebuilding Judith MacKenzie's studio.  As you fiber folks already know, she is the Artist in Residence at the Rainforest Arts Center in Washington state.  Her studio burned to the ground on October 29th with ALL of her equipment and stash inside.
  Fiber folks helping a great fiber folk!!!

  And, even with all the chaos,  Teresa came back for more!  She got a little more than she bargained for today!!!

Ann finished up her plaid blanket at home, and brought it in for us to see.  I wish you could feel how soft it is!!!!

  Carl stayed out of the fray back in the corner on the old barn loom.  He joined his denim strips at home, and just spent the morning weaving his rug.  He's volunteering some of his time this weekend weaving at our booth at Foothills.

Allan cut his denim strips today, and got his shuttles all wound.  He'll be ready to weave next Tuesday.

Yes....Marie is going to kill me for posting this picture, but I wanted you to see this lovely grouping of colors for her next warp!!!  She has a great eye for color, don't you think?

Eiko is already planning her next project.  She's going to start an overshot scarf next week.  There are plenty of folks at the Center who can coach her on this structure.....we do love overshot!!!

  Judy got some weaving time on the placemat warp.  It's fun to weave on different looms to see how they work.

  And, speaking of overshot....Maggie cut off her napkin warp today (5 napkins on the cloth beam--8 total) so she'll be ready to start on her Lee's Surrender coverlet warp that will go on next!  Woo-hoo!!!! 

  Pat cut eight placemats off of the black warp.  She'll be able to wash them and they'll be on the shelf at the show.

After lunch, Ann went over the checklist with us...and it looks like we're ready for our set up on Thursday.
  Tubs with tagged items were loaded into cars, as were some of the display fixtures.
  Carol has her Pup warped for the show, and I wound bobbins to use for the hems.  Now, I just need to make those fabric strips!!!!

Stay tuned for lots of pictures from the show.

Happy Weaving!!!


Maggie said...

Look how many of us there are!

Theresa said...

What wonderful full day at the guild! The fabric certainly looks drool-worthy as does that gorgeous plaid blanket. A real stunner.
Oh I'm excited to see and hear about the coverlet. I have always wanted to do one and gawd knows, I have enough looms that I could leave one dedicated to the job for a while.

Maggie said...

Theresa, you would have fallen in head first into the fabric! What fun you would have had!