Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The More The Merrier

  It started early this morning.....

.....the stack of stuff for give-away.

Carol brought in some scrapbook stash from her sister-in-law.  All kinds of containers for keeping a project together!

  See what you've been missing, Bonnie????

We're just glad to have you back today!!!

Anticipation was high today since our order from the Kansas Yarn Barn was due to arrive!!!

  So, while we waited for our orders to arrive, we got down to business.

  Doesn't Bonnie look happy back at her loom?  Now Teresa can talk to the lady weaving those wonderful bamboo shawls!!!

Maggie did a little catching up with Carl while Eiko chatted with Andy.
  Our new weaver, Marie, is going to work on the Herald loom (she is SO ready to be off that table loom!)  Can you spot the boo-boo in this picture????
  It's a little hard to see, but they didn't take the thread OVER the back beam.

  OK...raise your hand if you've ever done that!!!!

  Sharen and Linda are helping her get started.

  The thread and other items arrived and we scarfed them up and put them in our cars.  Now, we are waiting for word that the looms have arrived at Shirley's store.

Ms. Ila arrived with her Hula Cake....when's lunch????
  Lanny looks like he's ready to cut that cake right now!!!

  Ann got right to work on the rocker loom...no sense in waiting around.

  By golly....I think she's got it!!!
Marie found a stool to sit inside the loom and got right to work getting it threaded.

  Paula and Cathy arrived and got a good look at what was on the looms in the studio.  Since no one was working on the natural warp, Tina sat down to work some magic on those placemats.

Cathy took some time to catch up with Bonnie and Andy.

 LaDonna, Ms. Ila and Eiko were ready to work on the looms that Maggie pulled out.

No picture of Maggie's progress today....she has her chains on the back, and she'll be ready to start putting the thread in the raddle next week.  I think I'll be busy handing her little bouts of thread!!!!  That's a w-i-d-e warp on that loom!

 Then the call came!    And several of our weavers with a van and a truck took off for Shirley's shop in Lake City.
  The FedEx man was ready to deliver looms!

 975 pounds of looms!!!!

"What is this stuff?"  he asked.

"Looms," said the happy weavers!!!!

More thread.
More looms.
More friends!!!!

All is right in our little world!

Happy Weaving!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Christmas came early for the weavers!!
Joyce S.

Tina J said...

It was great to see Bonnie, Kathy nd Paula, and the new looms in boxes! It was also great to whip up 4 placemats! Back in the saddle!

Theresa said...

Oh and Ah, nothing like new looms and goodies to make the Yuletide grand. So nice to see everyone busy and having fun. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of goods well woven through your guild. Having a wonderful space to weave and meet makes quite a difference.
I truly wished I lived closer to you!

Anonymous said...

Look at at that big box and a happy group of weavers! Glad to see you back Bonnie! It was great talking basketball with Kathy and Paula, it was good to see you all again. Looks like Marie is going to make something beautiful out of all those colors. Sharen

Bonnie said...

It was great to be back if only for a short time. I will try to make it again. I am almost finished with this job. Unless another one comes after it--------.