Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

I have been waiting patiently until the proper, decent time to listen to Christmas music, and I declared today the day!  I've even been driven back to the piano to play some carols.  I haven't sat at my dusty old piano in months, but there's something about the holidays that make me want to sing and play along.
  I cranked up a Pandora classic Christmas station and let Bing, Perry and Dean croon to me while I decorated today.  After a long, troubled search for the perfect tree, I found a beauty at Stanley's Nursery.  The wreath came from Home Depot, and smells wonderful.  I added the bear, a treasure from a Christmas long ago.
  I can't seem to get the star to stay upright on the top of the tree, so surgery may be required, but I think it looks fine so far.
  Mom's Amaryllis is even getting in the act, pushing out its first leaf.  I think the bloom will be red and cream.  It's most welcome, after I killed her orchid.  Sorry, Mom!
  Next, it's outside to light the porch, as soon as I'm done with this message to you!

 And last week, I couldn't blog because KUB is replacing all the utility poles on my little street.  Every time I sat down at the computer, the power would go out!  But all I had to show you was the red shawl's progress.  This is where it was last week, anyway.  The pattern is complicated and fun, but I keep looking longingly at all the sock yarn I have un-knit.  A simple pair of socks would be so fun right about now!
  I also took the lace napkins home, washed them and starched them, but haven't hemmed them yet.  They're lovely but don't photograph well at all!

  And of course, my next project went on the loom this week!  Well, it's really just kind of draped on the loom right now.  I had to rearrange heddles before I could get the warp on the loom.  Here's where I left it yesterday.  And when I was done, all those looms had to go back around my loom.  I moved six looms to get to Bertha, and moved four back in to leave!  To say it's a little congested in my part of the Center is being kind!

 And I had to leave you with a photo of a most photogenic object, a Yule log made for a photo shoot, scheduled for today.  I love making--and eating!--Yule logs.  I use a flourless chocolate cake recipe, let it cool only slightly, spread it with ultra-soft buttercream or marshmallow and roll it up.  Then I frost it with more buttercream, cut off the ugly ends and attach them for branches.  Today, this was supposed to be garnished with meringue mushrooms, crisp cookie leaves and coarse raw sugar.  Can't wait to see the photos!

Until then, bundle up, get in front of your favorite loom and get to weaving!


LA said...

You inspire me, Maggie! I love having Christmas music on while I bring the "little men" to their stations for the holidays. And, all of my looms are waiting for just one more project...tonight would be a perfect time to get one started!

Bonnie said...

You got a lot done. How better to do it than with Bing,Perry and Dean. That log looks yummie.

Tina J said...

I love your tree! I can almost smell it! I think tomorrow just may be our decorating day, or maybe Saturday, but we will probably have a more country/bluegrass music selection.

Linda said...

No, no, no! You need to listen to Italian tenors! Lol. The yule log looks delicious!