Sunday, November 18, 2012

Planting Little Seeds.....

   I posted a bunch of our booth pictures on our Facebook page already (just search Tuesday Weavers on Facebook if you'd like to see them.)
  But, besides selling our handwoven items, we also feel it is important to promote the art of weaving.
  Ann, Carl and Andy wove on the place mat warp during the two days that I worked the booth, and it is always fun to watch people as they pass the booth.  Watching a loom work is fascinating!!!!  Young or old and in-between...they stop and watch the loom and the weaver.
  Just look at these little looks like we may have some budding weavers....and these are just the two I got pictures of during the two days.

Happy Weaving!


Anonymous said...

I was there with the second girl and she was totally involved!!! I'm not a weaver, but for this little girl, I would have helped set up a warp so she could weave a mug rug to take with her as a souvenir.

Joyce S

Maggie said...

It's always so fun to see people's faces the first time they realize they're actually making fabric!