Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back To Normal

....well, kinda!

  We had a lot of unloading to do this morning.  All the display pieces that we borrowed from the Center had to be put back in the Annex.
  All the rugs, placemats, scarves, mug rugs, etc.... had to be unloaded and put back upstairs in the Gift Shop.  (We each took our personal sale items home on Sunday after the show.)  Carol checked off the show inventory list from Tina's spreadsheet.

 When we finished unloading, Allan was ready to get to work on the new rug loom.  These were the denim strips that he wound last week.  The rug looks great!

Maggie got the warping reel set up, and Pat was there to lend a helping hand as she wound the warp for the Lee's Surrender throws.

  Eiko got a chance to catch up with Ms. Ila.  We all were busy this weekend.
  Linda got busy weaving on the warp we had at our Foothills booth.  I'll get the rest of the fabric strips cut this week, but in the meantime, the black thread looks great with that warp.

  Marie and Shirley got back to work on the table looms.....I think Marie is READY to weave on a floor loom!!!!  She's got a lot of great ideas for her warps!

  Linda was busy this weekend at the Pilot Club show in Oak Ridge, and she and Andy got a chance to catch up while Andy wound her new warp.

  Teresa is doing a great job on her first warp, AND she's a whiz at hemstitching!!!!  Yeah!!!!

  Carl finished another blue jean rug today on the barn loom.  The denim looks great with this rug warp.

I didn't get a picture of the new warp that Tina wound on a loom today....Linda will be threading that next week.  And, we've got fabric chosen for the warps that will have to be seamed and cut into strips.  All work for another day!

  Thank you, Ms. Ila, for bringing this wonderful bread for us today!!!  As you can probably tell, we really enjoyed it.

Happy Thanksgiving from
The Tuesday Weavers!!!!


Bonnie said...

Oops! I didn't remember that it was Tuesday until around noon. I hope to be there in a couple of weeks. If not next week the next. Miss seeing you guys and weaving.

Tina J said...

It was good to get back to a more normal day!