Monday, November 5, 2012

Back to rugs!

I only had 2 days to weave this past week. So I put a fairly long black warp on the loom and got it ready to weave. Then to my stash of loopers. I'm almost finished my fourth rug but it's not ready to come off yet so here are a few pictures of what's on there.
 The first rugs I wove were using those loopers that I'd been shaking free of lint and threads. You can sort of see them under the top rugs. I'll have pictures of them next week, I hope. I chose not to have any fringe on these rugs so wove black carpet warp on each end that I will serge and then hem on my sewing machine once I take the warp off.
 These loopers are those same kind of loopers as I'd been working on. These are the natural and light gray ones. I dyed them all with Rit months ago and they were waiting for me to use them. This is the last of the dyed ones. Guess I'll be busy dyeing more the next few months!
I've got plenty more to weave with, fabrics, other loopers, fringes, etc.
The cloth beam is almost too full and after the next rug I'll cut it off. Then keep weaving the rest of the warp to see how many rugs I can weave this week.
Hopefully I'll have more than 2 days to work at it this week!
Keep weaving!


LA said...

I have a bunch of dyeing to do after Christmas. It's time to dye more mop cord and I might as well get some loopers done, too!!! Your rugs look great!

Roxie said...

Love those merry colors! You have such a good eye. Weave on! You do good work!

Maggie said...

Looper rugs always remind me of jars of jelly beans, and these are no exception!

Bonnie said...

Nice looking rugs. I hope in 4 weeks, I will be back to weaving.

Andy said...

Love those loopers! Your rugs look beautiful, Carol.

Theresa said...

What a fun, happy rug! Love it.