Monday, November 12, 2012

Almost There!

It's a windy, blustery day today, cloudy with promise of rain by noon. I'm so glad that I'm inside with a stack of things to work on. I don't have to go out if I don't want to!
So, we're almost there, the end of the show season for another year. I am so excited!! I have a stack of things I want to weave and sew this winter and I can't touch them until after the show this week.
I took some pictures of the first rugs I wove on Nilus last week. I know, it's kind of a weird black and white rug. However, the white is really natural or a very light gray. It was an experiment. I had shaken all those loopers and then divided some of them by color. I had wanted to weave a rug with black in it. Each light section alternates from gray to natural. You can't see it from a distance, but it's there.

The other rug was more black. I started with black, then  a band of light gray, band of natural and the center all black. Not having had black loopers before, it was nice for a change. I do have more black loopers and will weave them this winter but most of those lighter loopers will get dyed. I wove 3 of the rugs with the loopers I'd dyed before.
 You have to look closely, but you can see the difference in the colors from gray to natural. It's not enough of a distinction to do this again but the rug does look good.
 I should have worked all weekend but I didn't. We made a little detour, escape, trip to middle Tennessee. DH knew that The Desert Road Band was playing there Friday evening and wanted to go. However, he had another commitment the he was afraid he wouldn't be able to miss. Well, Thursday evening he found that he could make other plans, so he went online, got the last ticket for a great seat and Friday afternoon we headed over there. He had a blast and I got to relax all evening with my basket of things to finish. Win win!! I would have enjoyed the concert but this was nice, too.
Then Saturday we went to Artisan Guitars so DH could try out some new guitars, just for fun. It's always nice to see what's out there, especially some lines of guitars that he doesn't own but wanted to see how they played. In doing that, he was able to play a guitar owned by Tony Rice, one of his heroes. Camera phones aren't as good as my phone, but I did manage to take the picture and get it onto this blog. That's a huge accomplishment, in my opinion. He was a happy camper!!
So this week is the Foothills Craft Guild show. I'll have my booth, Tuesday Weavers will have theirs. It will be interesting to see how it works out. Tuesday Weavers booth will be awesome. They've got it all nicely planned out and once all the items are displayed, I think it's going to be very inviting for customers!
Here's to the last show of the season!


LA said...

Your rugs look great! Are you going to have them in your booth? I agree...having the black loopers to throw into the mix is fun. It expands your thinking on adding the colors.

Bonnie said...

Nice looking rugs. Hope that you have a good show.

Theresa said...

I like the black and white rug. I think it's my favorite of the ones you've pictured. Looks like a good sized one too. How I would love to go to the show, that's for sure.