Thursday, November 22, 2012


  I thought it might be a good idea to get my blog done before I started mixing up the yeast dough for rolls....flour and laptops don't play well together!  I'll be with my children (who aren't children anymore!) later today, and it's been a lazy morning here on the Ridge.
  The parade has already started and the Broadway numbers are providing background music as I make my list of things to get done this morning.

   I toddled down the driveway to collect the morning paper and almost needed a wheelbarrow to bring it back to the house!  The large plastic bag that it was in will be perfect for the strips I'm cutting for the Center!!!
  I have never gotten into the whole Black Friday frenzy...I'm not big on crowds or getting up before dawn for the best deal.  I remember a few times when my younger sister and my Mom did that....I thought they were crazy.  I think it was the thrill of the deal for them.

  So, today I am thankful for my many blessings:
my children
my family
a job that provides for my fiber persuits
all the service men and women protecting our country
my weaving family
....and all the folks who stop by our little blog.

I like this list better than the to-do list!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Theresa said...

Lou Ann, I couldn't agree more. Good grief I feel for those employees who have to go in for midnight or early morning shifts all for Black Friday. I so rarely go to a big box store or a mall. My day is shop small Saturday. Park the car in the free lot at a reasonable hour and plan on spending time chatting with store owners and employees, most of whom I know since shop local is about all I ever do. Hope the meal was perfect. Many blessings counted here too, and you can be sure great blogs and wonderful bloggers was on that list too.