Friday, November 23, 2012

Final Round

Wednesday, while I was on my way to my Daughter's house, I got a text from my Son.  Later on, when I was NOT driving, I found that he wanted to know if I had any more Baby Blankets, and that he need 2 as quickly as I could get them to him, one for a girl and one for a boy.

I responded back, that he was in luck, because I thought I had enough for 2 more blankets on Lillian's back beam.  I sat down that afternoon and wove one of the blankets and got a good start on the second one.  Then with Thanksgiving coming up, I called it quits, and went to mix up some cookie dough.

Today's plan is to finish weaving the second blanket, serge, hem, wash and hang them to dry.  I should be able to then get them in the mail by Monday or Tuesday, depending on how long the drying process takes.  I don't put them in the dryer, because I lose too much to shrinkage and they will wear out much quicker as well!

This morning, as I was sipping my coffee, I looked over my production notes for these blankets.  I wound 40yds onto 2 different looms, (80yds total!) so that I could have 2 different patterns.  I wove 33 Baby Blankets, and 11 couch throws.  I used 18 Baby Blankets as gifts, 2 were ruined in the wash, 1 was unusable because I was trying to be creative, and I am not sure where one blanket is.  That leaves 11 Baby Blankets that I have sold.  Of the 11 Couch Throws, 1 was ruined in the wash, 2 were sold and 8 were gifted for  various reasons.

I think I have decided to wind another long warp for these blankets, mostly because they make such great gifts, and I have a few dedicated customers that are counting on me to provide them.  I think I will stick with just the "Cat Tracks and Snail Trails" pattern since it was so successful.  Everyone, when given a choice, chose it over the "Kings Flower" pattern.

When I finish up the blankets this morning, that will be 3 empty looms for me!  I better get planning for  next years projects!  I have some ideas floating around in there, but they need to get finalized and in production!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

I LOVE those throws...they are just so huggable PLUS user friendly! I'll email you with an idea I had know how my mind works!!!!

Linda said...

Mom to the rescue! Your blankets.are wondeful!

Theresa said...

Oh NO, not empty looms!!! I can hardly wait to see what you dress them all up with.
How wonderful you could and did supply those baby blankets on such short notice. I am so impressed.