Thursday, November 29, 2012

Little Blessings

  What is it????  Just one of the little blessings I received yesterday!  This is the only decent picture I got of the sandhill cranes flying overhead.....and it's not a great picture.  But, what a delight to see and hear those wonderful creatures flying....flock after flock....right over where I was standing.  When I lived in New Mexico, they came every fall to spend the winter at the Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Reserve near San Antonio, NM.  During the day they would be in the fields around where we lived, and they would fly back to the Reserve every afternoon.  Yesterday, we were in Georgetown near the Hiwassee Wildlife Reserve yesterday, and they must be spending the winter there.


  It's not like we don't have yarn at home...oh, no!  But, a trip to R&M gives us a chance to stock up on staples that we use everyday, like 8/2 and 10/2.  Tina is laying in supplies for winter weaving to get ready for next Fall's shows.

  And, Linda had her shopping list, plus picking up mop cord for Ann.

  We had a lovely lunch and hit the GoodWill store in Cleveland while we were in the neighborhood.

  I found what I was looking for along with some lovely rayon crinkle to use for weft and in my art yarn creations.

  Tina's daughter, M, has really taken to spinning since we had our little retreat last June.  She sent some of her yarn to me to "make something."  She wasn't happy with the colors, but I see a cowl just waiting to come out of that lovely yarn.  And, I have just the right pattern for this yarn!  We'll put it in our fall sale, and she can have the proceeds!  How's that????  It's so soft, and will make just the right person feel warm and loved!  What a story this cowl could tell!
  My other little blessing (besides getting to spend the day with my fiber friends?) came last night when I looked out just as the moon was rising over the horizon.  It was HUGE!  I just had to grin!
  Now, if I could just talk the "little men" into marching upstairs like they do on the JC Penny's commercial.  My house would be all ready for the holidays!  I don't think that will happen, so I'd better get myself in gear!  Who knows what little blessing is waiting for me today!
Happy Weaving & Spinning!

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Tina J said...

What a successful trip! I had never seen so many cranes together in my life! It was spectacular!