Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mock-Up Tuesday

Didn't she choose a great day to start weaving???

Teresa joined the Tuesday Weavers today, and got thrown right into the mix!  It might have been cool, gray and rainy outside, but inside the studio, it was a bright, colorful day!  And, as all weavers know:  any day is a good day to weave!!!
 The peanut gallery got in position to help out with advice.  You always need supervisors!!!!

   We started moving the shelving pieces from the Annex into the taped off spaces, and played with the placement for the back of the booth.  Of course that got moved a few times before we were happy with the arrangement.

 Since we have so many beautiful shawls this year, we have added some forms for display.  I think these will work much better.


  The rugs are also getting a new display this year.  We'll be able to hang them up so folks can see them much better!

  Linda loaned us a black rack for displaying small items.

  All in all, we are much happier with our display for this year!

Allan has been busy at home making benches for several of the weavers.  I can personally vouch for them since I have one at my house!!!

  And, there were several warps going on looms today.  Cindy found another use for Allan's bench when she helped Shirley wind on her warp!!!!

Ann got another rug finished, and cut off four rugs from the cloth beam.  Those log cabin rugs are beautiful!!!

  Eiko was able to work on her scarf warp after lunch.....we had to free up the space we were using for the "booth."

Linda just set her table loom up on the counter in the kitchen to weave on her scarf warp!

It's a good night to weave and finish up those projects for next week.

Don't forget to go VOTE!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

What an encouraging day!

Bonnie said...

Ann's rugs are beautiful. The booth will look so much better this year. I like the rack and the hanging of the rugs. You had a busy day.

Maggie said...

Such beautiful rugs, Ann! See you next week!