Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving week

Last weekend was the Foothills Craft guild show. We were in the Jacob's building for 3 full days with people all around us, shopping and having a good time. It went well and we were glad when it was over and we could regroup for next year.
Wednesday afternoon I was having tea with several craft friends. We'd talked about getting together just to chat. We'd actually talked about it for several years but this October during the show, we actually got ourselves a date and time! We met at Judy's and had a lovely time drinking tea and talking away. The time flew by. Only little problem for me was, as the time went on, I realized I was developing a cold. Don't you hate when that happens? It kind of creeps onto you and you know it's going to not be fun. The next day or so I saw on facebook that at least another crafter at the Foothills show got a cold........also on Wednesday. I wonder how many more got it?
I think I'm past the worst of it but I had to take it easy most of the weekend to avoid getting sicker.
Thanksgiving we were here in Knoxville. We get together with friends and there were at least 20 of us plus kids. It's a wild and wonderful time, lots of food and traditions. We've joined them for about 6 years now and there's no question that this is where we're supposed to be for Thanksgiving! Each year it seems to get a bit bigger as they adopt more people into the group.
Thursday evening we drove to Atlanta to spend time with DH's family. I thought you'd enjoy this typical look of DH and his Dad.
Our daughter grabbed my phone and took this picture of them both doing what they like best. Only thing missing is the guitar that DH usually holds while he sleeps!
We got back last night and now I'm back to doing bookkeeping, end of year inventorying, etc etc. Hopefully I'll continue to feel better so I can get some done. At least I can sort of talk again!
Tomorrow's going to be a busy day at the center. Our long awaited order from Yarn Barn is supposed to arrive. The excitement is building. Among all of us we ordered 10 looms and a bunch of supplies. It's like an early Christmas!!
What can be better than that?
Until next week...

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LA said...

It seems as though a lot of folks were under the weather during Thanksgiving! Could Foothills have been the common thread???? Thank heavens I didn't get what was going around!