Saturday, June 2, 2012

What A Difference A Week Makes!

   The holiday weekend has passed, and a new month has begun.  Last weekend was got over 90 degrees last Saturday!  But, today is starting off at 57 degrees and the forecast high for today is 76 degrees.  This will be a good day to attack the weeds in the flower garden!
   Last weekend, we had a visitor that decided to stay.  I had seen a white cat pass through in the back, and taking a nap under the bushes in the front....but, on Saturday, she thought she'd just stay in the back yard with the family. 
  One of her ears looked like she had been in a fight, and we all noticed that she had BIG feet.  But, she was a friendly, sweet  cat that was obviously used to being around people.  And she was hungry!
  You guess it....I have a new cat!  She made a visit to our vet, Dr. Paul, and he teased me that he had a sign down on the road for cats in need of a good home!  So, she's been checked out from head to tail (already spayed!) and declared healthy!  Paul guesstimates that she's 4-5 years old.  She's spending her first morning out in the house....the other two have chosen to ignore her for the moment.  I've named her Biscuit, since she's always "making biscuits" when you pet her.  I think she may be polydactyl.....that would explain those BIG feet!  It's all too new around her for her to let me count her toes just yet!  We'll see how it goes.

 I did get some spinning done last weekend.  This hank is 260 yards and will get mailed off to my sister this week.  I've got to spin some more yarn for the shawl she worked on last weekend during our Fiber weekend, and that will go in the package, also.    (By the way, my great-niece wove two mug rugs last weekend!)

   This is the yarn that I'm spinning now with thrums left over from the place mat warp I finished at the Center.  I'm pleased with the way the colors are working together. 

  Tina's blog yesterday was a reminder to me that she's going to be gone a lot this summer.  That's a wake up call for me, since I'm almost at the end of my rug warp.  John has a sectional beam, and Tina helps me get the new warps on very quickly.  I think my goal this week will be to get that warp woven off so I can get the new one on before she leaves on one of her trips.

  It will be interesting to see how Biscuit reacts when I start beating on the rug loom!!!
Happy Weaving (and spinning!)


Linda said...

Isn't it wonderful when animals pick us? They turn out of be the best of pets. She is very pretty and I love her name!!

Tina J said...

Looks like we are just stray animal magnets! I know that your sister is going to love that yarn!

Bonnie said...

Beautiful yarn. Biscuit is a nice looking cat.

Anonymous said...

I love the yarn and look forward to working with it!

I'm thankful Biscuit is healthy and still enjoying your hospitality.
Joyce S

Theresa said...

Beautiful Biscuit and what a lucky girl to have found you! I love polydactyl cats. We had one once with a double set of extras, front and back. I've never seen one here in Oregon, must not be a recessive gene in the local population.
The yarn is lovely. What interesting and beautiful texture it appears to have.

Maggie said...

Biscuit! I love it! Slather her with some butter!
You're quite the spinner, miss!