Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting Into Summer Routine

  John got his spa treatment last weekend in preparation for getting a new warp.  I used Howard's Feed and Wax after I dusted and vacuumed him from top to bottom.  (It's too bad you can't spin lint!)  I dropped oil in all the proper places, and he was ready to go.

  One of the great things about using the thread tree is that you can play with the colors!  I really loved the colors Bonnie used on a previous warp at the Center, and I'm a lover of all blues, so I went with a mix of some of my favorites.  There WILL be a blue jean rug from this warp!!!!

  Tina and I wound on 18 bouts of 25 yards each in about two hours...not bad!  And, that included a tea break with cake!!!

  I have eight inches threaded so far.  If I were smaller and lighter, I could sit on the cloth beam and thread, but since I'm a little on the chunky side, I have to lean over the beater bar and thread....and I don't do that for very long at a time!!!! 
  This actually works out very nicely since I try to take advantage of the cool mornings to work outside for a little bit.  Between weeding and cleaning the concrete, my week has been very full.  (Virginia creeper is winning this year!) 

  I've also been working on some art yarn.  I had spun a skein of yarn from some of the thrums that Carol gave me.  The cool greens and blues looked so nice with the naturals.  This time I tried tying the short pieces together with the naturals from her thrums, and then spun them with cotton flake and supima.  Since Carol weaves all the way up to the knots, her thrums are on the short side, but I LOVED the way this yarn looked and felt.  But, this skein was only 82 yards, which might make a scarf, or it can be added in a mixed warp for a scarf.
  I wanted to try this combination again, but I want to spin a large skein this time.  I have some 8/4 carpet warp in the same colors.  And, I had some interesting thrums from the warp we cut off the Baby Wolf at the Center on Tuesday.  So, my other afternoon project is tying thrums together to make a large ball for my next art yarn project.  I will use the cotton flake and supima again to spin with this ball of thrums.
  And, that's my routine:  outside in the mornings, inside with fiber in the afternoon heat.  All is well in my world....I hope all is well with you!!!!
Happy Weaving!


Anonymous said...

I love the colors of the warp - can't wait to see the blue jean rug.

The yarn you're spinning is lovely!! Not only are you making a one-of-a-kind yarn, you are recycling, too!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my post. I'm LA's Sister.

Bonnie said...

I really love that warp. It will make a beautiful blue jean rug.

Tina J said...

Great colors in that warp! I thought we got it on in record time too!