Saturday, June 23, 2012

Short & Sweet

  Not much to report this week.
  Just some new art yarn....these skeins are around 200 yards.  (Cindy brought me some great thrums from her warp on Tuesday....I can't wait to see how they will work up!!!)
  I'm still tying the other blue/green/natural thrums for a long hank of yarn.
  Spinning the art yarn in the afternoons when it has been just too hot to be outside has been a great use of my time!

  My sister brought the shawl that she made from some art yarn....I guess you would call this a beta project.  We are developing a shawl pattern to work with the yarn.  This will get frogged and we'll start working on the real thing this weekend.  (Don't you just love saying that?  Rip it, rip it, rip it!!!!!)
  On the bottom you can glimpse the cowl I worked on Tuesday night at Knitting Night (but I crochet!)  This is some art yarn spun with the thrums from the Center. 

  But, today we are headed to Pigeon Forge for my niece's book signing at the Books A Million.  (Kim thinks that no one will show up...silly girl!!!)  She'll be signing her newest book, Redemption of A Hollywood Starlet which came out on 5 June.
  She has been attending ROMfest  ( in Gatlinburg for the last few days.  Dr. Bill Bass was the keynote speaker.  He's known around these parts for the "body farm" at the University of Tennessee, but he's a published author and the GO TO guy if you want to know about dead bodies.  Kimberly Lang and Dr. Bass....who would have thought!!!!  (Kim doesn't have murder and mayhem in her books...but you never know when you might need more information!!!)
  I'm thinking we might need to stop at the Apple Barn for some fritters and apple butter while we're in that neck of the woods!!!
  Enjoy this summer weekend!
Happy Weaving (and spinning!!!)


Roxie said...

Oh, what fun yarn! Reminds me of the recycled silk yarn made from sari thrums. Excellent recycling!

I find a chevron-design triangular shawl has been very popular. Think of half a granny square, corner to corner.

Tina J said...

What! Aren't you stopping at the Spinnery!

Bonnie said...

A fun day planned.

Kimberly Lang said...

And he seems like such a nice, grandfatherly-type of man. Hard to believe he works with dead bodies...