Monday, June 18, 2012

Nice Getaway!!

I know, I'm a weaver. Always have been. Always will be. But I do dabble. I make bobbin lace when I can and I quilt whenever possible. My friend Helen used to weave as well, but now she quilts and makes lace. We've been friends since I moved up here in 1980. She found out about a trip to a quilt show in Ohio and thought we ought to go. So, last Wednesday she and I were both at Shoney's where the bus was picking us up. We left at 6:30 AM!! First stop was Norris where more ladies were picked up. Fay was one of them. I've been friends with her since 1980 as well. We've all been through so much over the years. Along with Fay we picked up Carolyn who hasn't been a friend as long but we've been just as good friends.

Another person I was so surprised to see get on the bus was Sharen. Yes, our Sharen who had to quit weaving when she got a job. Well, the job's done and she is retired. Yeah, I think I talked her into coming back to be with us on Tuesdays!!

The trip was a 3 day, 2 night one. We had a blast!! Talked for 3 days straight. The show had alot of quilts on display but also vendors. We all enabled each other. Need I say more?! I've got projects for awhile now.

I thought I'd try to take a few pictures to show the flavor of the show.This picture actually doesn't show how crowded it was among the vendors. Sometimes you couldn't really get to the back of a booth but we all patiently waited.  We were fortunate in that we went to an evening preview party which included 2 hours of shopping without the crowds. If we hadn't gotten up so early or if we'd actually rested inbetween instead of talking those afternoon hours......we could have thought straight and shopped more intelligently but by 8pm we were crosseyed! So we waited til morning (and the crowds) to figure out what we needed.

 I tried to take some pictures of quilts that show just bits of what was there. There were hundreds of quilts, all sizes. The talent is incredible.

 Alot of them had added bits, glitter or other things to accent the ideas they were putting across in their piece.

 This was parts of 3 panels a group had done. You know where you take a picture, cut it in pieces and each person does part of it? I love the trees.  Where I grew up these trees were nearby and we saw them each summer when we travelled across to the Rockies.
 I like the idea of mixed media, painting on fabrics, stamping, etc and making it all work. This is just a tiny part of one hanging.
 Then there's the other extreme of an incredibly appliqued piece. How do they figure out what colors to put together to make it work so well in this one flower? Not to mention, the several other flowers that were in the piece.....
 Another tiny detail.
 More applique.
 Part of a huge crazy quilt. I loved this one!! How much work was involved in this big quilt? Someone had some time on their hand. Each center had a cross stitch or needle point piece of handwork.
 Imagine the rest of this quilt!!
 Tatting. I've thought about adding some of my bobbin lace pieces to a wall hanging. Right now I'm "collecting" pieces I make. Yeah, I have a couple of pillows with half finished figures on them...a seahorse and a hedgehog for sure. The start of a quilt?
 Details make the quilt.
 Ribbon embroidery was featured prominently in this one. I really liked it too!!
 By Friday morning we were full of ideas. The bus left at 9am so we had time to get a bagel and relax before the bus came.
 We even stopped on the way home at a Tanger outlet mall. The shop we all wanted to go to was the Longaberger outlet shop. It's nice to see a shop like that among some of the others.
Then we came on down to Tennessee. Over a month ago part of the highway slid down the hill and it's going to be quite awhile before it's all fixed. For now, heading north is 2 lanes but coming south is just one lane. The line was about 15 miles long and it took almost an hour and a half to get through that section of road. It's actually right at the Stinking Creek exit, where Bonnie lives!!
I got a picture of the wait early on with our fearless bus driver in the mirror.
 Then, turned around and got a picture of the people sitting behind me. Helen has to sit near the front so this is what was behind us. I think there were 38 ladies on here. My DH asked me before we left if any guys were coming. Sure, I said, probably the bus driver...
 Back at our stop in Berea, the lady that organized the trip was snapping pictures. It was in glaring sunlight and she wasn't sure what she got, but she emailed us pictures she took there.
Here are the 4 of us getting ready to get back on the bus!
Because of life, we hadn't been able to get away like this as a group for at least 5 years. Years ago we used to go to weaving conferences each year. We've missed that and I'm glad that Helen asked if we wanted to go this time.
The trip next year is to a different show and it's a bit earlier in the year. So far we all can's hoping that continues. Getaways like this are to be treasured.
Back to weaving for this week. I've got a loom to thread and another few warps to wind....
Til next week.


LA said...

I'm so glad you got to go to the Quilt Show! What a delight! Sounds like you got a lot of ideas.

Bonnie said...

Sounds like you had a great time and came away with lots of ideas. I hope that you talked Sharon into joining us again.

Tina J said...

That looks like a good time! I do hope Sharon comes back!

Linda said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun. Doing what you love with friends. What could be better than that?


Anonymous said...

When I saw Carol Wed morning at the bus I was so suprised. The Show, and the whole trip was really a good one. There is no doubt about my Tuesdays....I told Carol that "it was a SIGN".
Can't wait to see you all again and catch up on my weaving. Sharen

Roxie said...

What splendid trip! Good for you!

JoANn Hart said...

Loved reading the blog about the trip. You have some great pictures. Sure hope your group can join us agagin next year. I had fun organizing everything. Agreed, good friends,conversation, laughs, long talks, shopping and eating. What more could anyone want???