Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Dyeing Photos

Dye Day has come and gone, but my fingers are still turquoise!  I kept gloves on until the last skein, and the one pictured on the left, my "I have finished planning and started dumping" skein left its mark.  It's ugly now, but you never know what things will look like when they're washed and rinsed in a couple of days!  The one on the right is boysenberry fading to fuchsia, in carpet warp, and promises to be one of my favorites.

There was much fun at neighboring tables, as well.  Here, Andy has boysenberry and gold running together on her impromptu warp.  I like it!

 Cindy was a big fan of green, while Christie brought her own jars of earth tones to make a many-colored warp.  I want to see that one when it's washed!
The most fun I had was with the grape and gold, starting with the colors in their pure forms and then mixing them together as they met.  Is that chocolate?

The reveal will happen soon!  Stay tuned to Loomy Tunes!  Happy weaving!


Theresa said...

It's all kind of like finger painting for adults isn't it? Looks like everyone had a lot of fun and some really pretty results too. Thank you for all the great pictures!

LA said...

Yeah, Maggie! Great pictures of the warps!!!

Tina J said...

Repeat after me. "I will not take up dyeing, I will not take up dyeing, I will not take up dyeing"! There that's better!

Roxie said...

Oh, those are going to be awesome warps! What fun!

Bonnie said...

Ok, Tina. I will not take up dyeing. I did the one long, long, long warp and that did it for me. More fun for me to "watch".