Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!

  Warps go on looms.
  Warps are cut off the looms.
  Then the resulting items are gotten ready to go upstairs to the shop at the Center or to special order customers.  Bonnie was busy this morning checking the measurements of the panels that she wove.


  Tina wasn't sure how many place mats she had woven, but she cut off 11 (or was it 12?) from the natural warp in Ellen's pattern.  There's still LOTS of warp left for many more place mats, but Tina will get these washed and ready to go upstairs.

  Cindy has her warp chains all in place to start her new warp on the Baby Wolf.  LOVE those colors!

  Meanwhile, Eiko and Shirley were hard at work on their new warps.  Shirley needed a refresher on hem stitching, but she'll find that it comes naturally before long.

   Oh, no!  Just when Maggie thought she was finished, she found a threading error!  Join the club, Maggie!!!!  She was able to fix the error...I can't wait until she can start weaving so we can see the pattern!
  You can just see Bonnie in the upper right--she's back at her loom with her new warp:  bamboo that has been painted!  Shawls!!!!

  Allan worked on his bread cloth warp today...you can see his total concentration! 

  Lanny worked on his scarves, too....I just didn't get a picture of that!

And, way back in the corner, Carl wove away on the barn loom.  At one point, Carl had to do a little fixin' on his warp....I didn't hear the whole story!!!!

  Pat joined us after a shop meeting, but she got right to work on choosing the cones she will use on her black warp.  This will be so interesting!

  Carol got place mats and mug rugs tagged and ready to go upstairs this afternoon.  Ms. Pat took over Carol's job of cutting strips from the blue work shirts....she got a whole bucket cut this afternoon. 
  Linda has made quick work of that multi-colored warp on the Herald loom.  That will be another batch of place mats for the shop!!!!

  And, lest you think we all went hungry today, Ms. Ila made us a fresh blackberry cake (home grown blackberries!!!!)  Needless to say, it was fantastic!!!  Thank you, Ms. Ila!

  I got the second warp on the a loom that will be used for Kid's Camp.  July will be here before you know it!

Happy Weaving!



Tina J said...

I believe you have caught the level of activity just right Lou Ann! It was a lively group today!

Bonnie said...

It was a loud and busy group today.