Friday, June 8, 2012


I love to warp my sectional looms.  I can put on a long warp without the hassle of  managing a long warp.  I am only handling 1 to 2 inch sections at a time, and they are always under perfect tension, mostly because of the tension box, a special tool that is used to guide the threads from the spool rack to the back beam, one section at a time.

The number of spools you need for each section depends on how wide your section is and how many ends per inch you need.  In my case for this projects I am using 8/2 cotton at 20 ends per inch, my sectional beam is divided in 1 inch sections.  That means I need 20 spools per section.

 I buy my 8/2 in large cones mostly from R&M Yarns in Georgetown, Tn., it is close enough for a quick road trip, (somebody else is always willing to go), and their prices are very reasonable. To wind the yarn from the large cones onto the spools that are on the spool rack that I have on loan from the Center,  I have the electric winder that I have on loan from Lou Ann. ( This winder has really come in handy recently as a pirn winder as well.)

 The problem I have with winding using any electric winder, is that when it really gets cranking, the thread is going so fast that it can burn your fingers, and I also my tension is uneven. I have seen a video online of a little tension attachment  that you can get to use with these electric winders, but my winder is not the same as theirs and the expense is prohibitive just now. But it got me thinking, I wondered if I could use my big tension box instead!  So, I tried it!

It works wonderfully!  I took the yarn from the cone and ran it through the tension box as normal, used the yardage counter too. Then I held the tension box in my right hand and safely guided the yarn onto the spool.
No burned fingers, no tension problems!

I was a little afraid that the spools wouldn't hold the 500 yards I needed, but they did, just barely!  I have wound half of the spools, and I am taking a break to share my discovery, now it is back to the studio to finish the spools and start winding the 24 sections of natural that are left.

Until next time, Happy Weaving and Spinning, Tina


LA said...

That winder has been put to some good use at your house (it would be useless at my house!) You've had a busy morning!!!

Bonnie said...

What a great idea. I am glad that the tension box worked.