Saturday, June 9, 2012

Touching Heaven

Oh yes.....another field trip!  My son was teaching a class at Arrowmont in Gatlinburg this week:  Ripping Yarns:  Stories and Fibers.  Tina had given Nick a refresher course in spinning with a drop spindle a few weeks ago, and he invited us up to visit the class and have lunch. 
  The class had spent the first few days exploring spinning, embroidery, tapestry and knotting.  They also had been reading stories, myths and fables that included the different fiber arts.  When we arrived, they were discussing thoughts on their big projects that would take the rest of the week.  We peeked at the projects underway on the participants' tables...and it sure looked like they had been having a grand time!

  After lunch we took the class to The Spinnery, which is just a stone's throw from Arrowmont.  How amazing that this shop is so close!!!
  And, that's when I got to touch heaven!!!

Nancy was so gracious to all of us pouring into her shop, and answered all the questions that were popping right and left.  I asked her about the Guanacos fiber that I found that was so soft.  She then went to the back and brought out the softest fiber I will ever touch:  Vicuna!!!!
  You can read all about the vicuna at:
 Vicuña - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
After reading the article, I realized why it is so rare and valuable.  Nancy told us that it is $350 an ounce at her shop.  Truthfully, I will never spin that luscious fleece, but it was heaven to touch!!!

  My spinning practice continues:  Linda gave me some assorted bags of roving to spin.  Cece thought they were very interesting (and she thinks that she can sit on my lap when I'm spinning!)  I am still working on the art yarn with thrums on the Country Spinner, but I want to get more proficient with the wool.  I know....practice, practice, practice!!!!  Just when I think I'm getting the knack of it, I hit a wooly bump that throws me off kilter.

Cece is also the chief rug inspector around here!  I wove off the warp on John, and when Tina is ready, we'll wind on another warp.  You might remember the looper rugs that I wove this winter using the loopers we got at the mill.  
  The corduroy rug was the last for this warp.  All three rugs are resting in the foyer right now, and I'll get the hems sewn in sometime this weekend. 

On the home front, Biscuit is becoming part of the family.  She likes to spend her days outside terrorizing the chipmunks, squirrels and moles.  In the evenings, she stretches out on the kitchen chairs and dreams of her conquests.  The bee balm is finally blooming.  I bought this plant two years ago at the Lavender Festival, and it is blooming for me this year.  It is such a nice, bright spot in the garden!  Weeding the flower beds continue....and will continue FOREVER, I think.  If Virginia Creeper was a cash crop, I'd be rich!!!!
  But, I am fiber rich.....and I got to touch heaven!!!!!
Happy Weaving (and spinning!!!)


Tina J said...

It certainly was softer than soft! We also got to touch Baby Camel and Silk together in a roving. Lou Ann's son said it was like touching a cloud! I am ready when you are for the loading of the loom, have tension box will travel!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a busy fun fiber week. Biscuit has made herself at home.