Monday, June 25, 2012

A week already?

Inspite of being a very busy week, I don't seem to have gotten much done these past 7 days! However, I have gotten a warp started for placemats. I'm not sure how many will be on here. I think I wound about 17 yards or so. I like to weave these neutral placemats for gifts. It doesn't matter then what china they've chosen, these will work for a wedding gift.
I had a set of 4 on hand to give to a couple that got married last summer while I was out of town. I should see them in a couple of weeks at a convention we work at. I know, it's a bit late. However, when we got married, we got a wedding gift 5 years after our marriage, so I figure a year is fine!
My DD asked me if she could have that set of placemats for a bridal shower she needed something for on Saturday. She had to work so wouldn't be able to go but dropped the gift off beforehand. She'd bought a collander they wanted and placed the placemats inside it with my regular care tag. Last night she got a text from the host of the part saying that the placemats were the hit of the shower and the only gift that was passed around. I guess handmade is still appreciated by the 20 somethings out there!

So I don't have any wedding gift placemats on hand. That's why it's good that Thelma has this warp on her! I've just woven a couple on her so far but if I get going, I can get a good number done at a time. I enjoy hemstitching quickly so don't have to tie knots afterwards. In the next week or so, before the chaos of our summer starts, I have to weave 10 of them. I need to replace the 4 she took. Then my niece is getting married at Christmas, but I'm driving up this summer so need to take whatever with me then. I figure family gets at least 4 and my sister thought her daughter needed 6 of them. So that's 10 due now. At the end of September a friend's daughter is getting married and DH is playing guitar for the wedding. She'll get 4 placemats as our gift to her. So there won't be that many left on the warp after I weave what has to be woven. I'd thought of changing colors after I get "enough" done. Looks like I might as well weave the whole thing with white weft (natural warp).

A friend is flying in from France on Wednesday and will be with us for several weeks. That's when the chaos of summer truly begins! I'll try to do a bit of work as possible but don't anticipate much time.
That's why I try to weave so much earlier in the year. My show is in about a month but  a bunch of stuff happens before that!
So, until next week..
Keep weaving!


LA said...

Well...that warp is spoken for!!!! Isn't it amazing how quickly dibs are placed on your work!

Bonnie said...

How nice they are spoken for before they are finished. Nice gifts.

Tina J said...

Truly a useful warp! I love giving handwoven gifts, they really speak volumes!