Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 I downloaded all my photos for today's blog and noticed--seriously, for the first time--that there's a theme here:  Lace.  Lots of lace!
  I finished hemming the front door curtain I wove in Swedish lace, and noticed, much to my chagrin, that after wet-finishing it, there was some, um, deficiency in width!  I'm beading the bottom to give it some weight while still allowing it to swing out of the way of my vicious watch dog.  She keeps me safe from threatening mail deliverers.  Maybe when I've finished the window curtains, I'll weave another wider one.  Note to self:  Must weave two panels per window!

 On that note, the pattern progresses, a very little, on the curtains for the side windows, and I like it.

If you're not a Tuesday Weaver, or were absent yesterday, you missed the progress I made on my lace stole.  The angora gives it such a lovely drape, and the pattern is fun to knit.

When I left yesterday, half an hour late, trying desperately to finish threading the lace dinner napkins, I had six measly little blocks left to go, thirty six paltry threads, but I simply couldn't go any farther.  I'm excited to get going on this and see how the pattern develops!  Here's hoping there aren't any threading errors!  I'll have next week to check for errors and tie on, then give it a rest for Dye Day!  Woohoo!  I love to dye!
  It's a hot and dry week, perfect for weaving, so get to it!


LA said...

I missed seeing your shawl yesterday...that is beautiful...and I'm sure it is softer than soft!! The lace panels are working up nicely. That's a great idea to leave the door panel loose at the bottom (but weighted) for Bella!

Tina J said...

All lace and all white! Lovely curtains, I am a huge Swedish Lace fan!

Maggie said...

Oh, you're right! It's all white!

Roxie said...

Lovely lacey skills and processes. This is a white lace summer for you.

Bonnie said...

Looks so nice.