Monday, June 11, 2012


This week I put a warp on for some rugs. Last year when I was at my Mom and sister's home, they gave me some of their old tops. Well, my sister gave me some knit tops she didn't wear anymore. We went through my Mom's closet and decided she didn't need the old tops she'd had since the early 80s, a good number of them I had sewn and the rest she had. We also got a few skirts and a dress out of her closet that we'd sewn or bought. I took them apart and cut them into strips. Then, keeping them separate I sewed all of my sister's strips together and then all of my Mom's knit strips together. I mixed the pieces up as in, never sewing 2 of the same strips together. I wanted a real mix.
 This is a rug from my sister's tops.
 I took the pictures near the doors out of the garage studio. They're french doors with lots of glass. Molly likes to sit in front of the windows and look out.
 She wasn'st thrilled, but finally she did turn toward me so I could get a good picture of her. She turned 14 last week. She's still as independent as ever, hissing at most people!! Silly cat!
 This is the other rug for my sister.
 My sister's tops were pretty much solid colors. My mother's on the other hand, had alot of flowers on them. This is the first one.
 The second one..
 And the third.
 I tried to get a close up of it but you really can't see the flowers in the picture.
 I had about 30 inches left to weave on the warp. I rarely cut off anything that long, just ask LouAnn! So I narrowed the warp to 24 inches and wove it off using loopers dyed with RIT and then soaked in retayne. They are a nice soft color.
 I haven't hemmed the rugs yet. Once I pin the hem and sew them, the ends will look good. I like to have a fair amount of fabric for the hems to make them nice and sturdy.
That's about all I've woven lately. The looms are empty but I have a couple of warps ready to go on 2 of them. I will try to get that done in the next day or so!
Until next week.


LA said...

I see that you have a rug inspector, too! Molly is doing a great job!!!! Your Mom & Sis are going to love their new rugs!

Bonnie said...

Nice rugs. They must have had lots and lots of tops for that many rugs. It will be hard to take the rugs away from Molly. They were put there just for her--right.

Tina J said...

I love the hit and miss pattern, it looks very inviting, and much easier than planning stripes. Molly is doing a great job too!

Roxie said...

Isn't random beautiful? What fun, fun rugs!

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