Friday, June 1, 2012

Change of Plans

I had intended to weave off the last Baby Blanket on Lillian, the old 4 harness counterbalance, my first loom, and transfer the left over warp, directly to her warp beam, from the Leclerc.  I had planned to do that, because I need to load up the Leclerc with a custom order that just can't wait! (I know myself too well!)  I had forgotten that Lillian is in need of repairs as soon as the last blanket is done.  Her warp beam is broken in such a way that the warp will not wind on evenly.

So we must go to plan B, which is chain off the Baby Blanket warp from the Leclerc and save it for when Lillian is fixed.  I began today to pull the warp back through the heddles and secure it on the back beam.

The Leclerc has 1 inch sections and Lillian has 2 inch sections, so I am combining two sections as I go.

That went quite quickly and without much trouble at all.

Here is where I held my breath and began to chain off each section.

It worked!  As I pull the chains off, I am using blue painters tape to lable exactly how many ends there are, and if there was anything unusual about that chain, like for example, if one of the sections was shorter than the other.  I am also marking them as to their order, since that may prove important when I get back to it.

When I have the sections all emptied off, I will wind the spools for the new Bread Cloth project,  and begin to load it on.  The project is not due until November, but I have several trips this year, most of them a little open ended, and the dates are not set yet, so I feel like I need to get this project on the loom and woven off as soon as possible.

10 Bread Cloths with Leno Lace in the center, and red stripes sounds like it is going to be a beautiful project!  Now I need to go finish what I started!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

I'm glad you got the warp off the loom. Now you can get the bread cloth warp on & off!!! Lots to do this summer!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like your plan worked. Don't you just love it when everything goes without a hitch.