Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All Work and No Fiber

 Makes Maggie a dull girl.  So I sought to remedy that during my weekend, Monday and Tuesday.  I started weaving on the newly threaded bamboo warp on Jenny, lace curtains for the living room.  The first treadling was the lace border, lots of fun for both feet.  The second is warp threads over, treadling B, if you're familiar with the Weaver's Huck Lace books' first four-shaft sampler.  It's fun and interesting, just starting to settle into a groove for me.

  It was a cloudy, rainy Monday, followed by a drop-dead gorgeous Tuesday, and this was the view from the loominaria.  Nothing like a photo to show you how much your table needs dusting, but the geraniums are lovely!

 At the Center, I got a picture of the entire warp that Pat cut off from B.  Our guest from Denmark asked me how long a project takes, if we only meet once a week, and I realized I'd been working on that project for at least one year, possibly two!  I am not the most regular of the Tuesday Weavers, so that makes it longer than other projects, but still, she's right!  We plod along!  I did tell her that weaving isn't always why we meet, though.  We're there for the fellowship more than anything.  Any of us can weave alone and accomplish much, but what's the fun of that?
 Now, we Tuesday Weavers know who posts on Tuesdays, and who's behind the camera of those posts, but I need to show those who don't know that LouAnn actually weaves and warps, too!  Here she is demonstrating her clever warp winding technique for more than one strand at a time.  Carol showed her very cool way to warp a few weeks ago, but LouAnn brings it down to very low tech.  I was surprised when she came up to me after lunch and asked me when I'd be done with my drink, but all she wanted was my straw!  She has all seven threads through the straw to wind them on all at once.  I was impressed!  And I will use this technique next time I want to load up the warping board.

I made some progress yesterday, exactly halfway through my 552 threads for the dotted swiss dinner napkins.  Next week, I'll forge ahead and finish 'er up!
  Until then, Happy Weaving!


LA said...

Ah, Maggie! Now the whole world knows that I cheat! I just can't seem to get the hang of lacing the threads through my fingers when I'm warping multiple threads...but the straw works pretty darn well for me on those short warps! The lace curtains are looking very nice indeed!

Theresa said...

Things take me a while to weave too and I'm not half as busy as you! It looks lovely though. Nice to se Lou Ann too. A straw huh...I think we need a nifty tutorial on that one. :)

Bonnie said...

I am so glad that you were able to get your fiber fix in this week. The curtains look georgous. I have not tried huck lace yet. Looks like fun. Straws. Very interesting.

Roxie said...

Handoven lace bamboo curtains? Wow! I am way impressed! And what a delightful, insightful post!