Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thank You, Martie!

  Oh, my!!!  Like most pictures taken in the '80's, this picture has that funky yellow look.  But, this is the last photo I have with my grandmother, Mamaw Martie.  So, this picture shows four generations:  Martie, Betty, me and my two precious children.
  Martie was well know for lots of things:  yeast rolls, fried pies, apple dumplings, Easter dresses, a cathedral window quilt and granny square afghans.  This lady made her own patterns....when my Mom was in high school, she just described the way the dress or coat looked, and my Mamaw would draw her own pattern and create the garment.  What a gift!

  When I was 16, and on a family camping trip that I did not want to be on, Martie decided that I needed to learn how to crochet.  Once I had my chain down pat, she showed me how to make a granny square.  If you can crochet a granny square, you can crochet.  I learned to read a crochet pattern on my own when I branched out to make a vest with granny squares.  (That would have been in the '70's, of course!!!!)

  Granny squares are great for using up left over pieces of yarn, and the goal was to make each square two were alike.  The last row was edged in the common my case navy blue.  My afghan is on the only took me 30 years to complete it!!!  I kept adding to it until it's big enough for a double bed.
  The afghan on the right is the one Martie made for me.  She made each of her grandchildren their very own afghan.  She used bright colors later in life because she was almost blind by that point. 

  I have to think she would be tickled that I'm making my own yarn, now.  I don't know if she ever spun...I don't recall anything being said about that.  But, I spun my first skein of novelty yarn (40 yards) from bits and pieces of left over yarn.  And, now I'm on to playing with spinning with thrums.  My mind is full of projects to weave or crochet with this newly created fiber!
  So...thank you, Martie.  You nurtured my love of gave me inspiration and encouragement.
  And, thank you, always applauded my efforts, and seemed to love the little gifts I handmade for you.
  And, thanks to my sister, Joyce.  You listen and inspire me in my fiber pursuits.  Our fiber days are full of fun and laughter!
  And to all the women out there that nurture fiber goodness, THANK YOU!!!



Bonnie said...

That is a treasured afghan from your grandmother. At least you finished your project from the 70's. I have a bag of squares that I started in the late 70. Not finished. Brovo for spinning. I could not get the hang of it. Maybe one day.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now that I've wiped the tears from my eyes, I can see to type. My sister just blows me away!!! She is so creative and has always been able to do whatever she sets her mind to. She inspires me to be creative and fortunately our joint enthusiasm results in good times and fun projects.

Hapy Mother's Day to all!
Joyce S.

Anonymous said...

This is inspiring. Maybe I will learn to crochet!
Happy early Mother's Day!
- AmazingChild

LA said...

I happen to know that YOUR grandmother can crochet with the best of them...and she's a great teacher!!!

Tina J said...

I have a cathedral window afghan that my mom made years ago! I love your new art yarn! You have taken off in the spinning world, doing things I haven't even tried! One of these days I may catch up to you!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Awww how sweet. My grandmother was a crocheter (tiny cotton crocheted edges on hankies and tiny crosses to use as bookmarks) I cherish the tings I have from her yet till this day.

Karen and Steve
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