Monday, May 28, 2012

Painted Warp 1

When we painted the warps and skeins a few weeks ago at the center, I had my own projects to work on. I'd wound 2 warps and 3 skeins for each of them. This warp is cotton. I wound it in 3 sections. Then I painted the 2 outside ones together and the center one by itself. I probably should have included a bit of the blues into the center section because it is a pretty stark contrast but I do like the way the colors play off each other. The photo above shows the skein that was a midtone of blues, etc.
 This vest was woven with yellow, orange and reds. I like the way the side panels change color with so much yellow and orange. It's almost like a different warp.
Then the last vest I wove with the darkest colors that I painted onto the skein. The vests will be much nicer than the pictures show. I'm going to have fun figuring out what buttons to put on them!
This warp is woven, cut and waiting in line to be processed. There's a warp or two ahead of it! Family is taking up a fair amount of time right now but I do have the other warp on the loom, just waiting for me to begin to weave on it. That one is bamboo. The colors are warmer, more earthtone, my colors! Hmm, I may have to keep a vest from either that warp or this one. Last time the vest I picked was literally taken off my back. I did get a pair of earrings for it but still....
I've enjoyed these so much that I hope to paint a couple of more warps before summer yet, depending on life!


LA said...

I love the way the colors play on painted warps! You have such a good eye for colors!!!

Tina J said...

It amazes me how the weft color changes the whole look of the warp! Beautiful!

Bonnie said...

Beautiful. It amazes me too, the way the warp looks so different. Love it.

Roxie said...

Also fun, try a solid gray weft. Wonderful how the colors play together.