Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Break, Sorely Needed

 The last few weeks, I've had Tuesdays and Fridays off, which doesn't make for much time to blog, see friends or weave.  This weekend, I grabbed four days off, and am at the end of my mini-vakay.  I've had a lovely time, Mother's Day-ing with Mom, phone calls from my son, book clubbing with my literary pals, and of course, Tuesday Weaving.
  A couple of weeks ago, one of our newer members, Cindy, asked me whatever happened to my double weave sampler.  I shame-facedly admitted  that I had let it flounder with all the time I'd been spending at work, but that afternoon, I spent some time with it.  See that gap in the solid red part?  That's where the sampler opens in the middle.  That part was fun, but apparently not all that interesting, or I'd done more.

  The next part is vertical stripes, followed by horizontal stripes.  The next sequence looks like more vertical stripes but is horizontal stripes underneath. I'm not sure what I'd use that for, but it was sort of magical, nevertheless!
  As I think I've mentioned, Big Bertha's first Maggie Project is Huck lace napkins.  It uses seven shafts, and I just started threading it yesterday.  On my four-shaft loom at home, I've just finished threading for Huck lace curtains, using the Weaver's Huck Lace book, the one Ila is using for her scarf that you saw in yesterday's post.  I'm using the border treadling, but I might just use it for a border and switch to another treadling after a few inches.  I've decided to make half curtains for the living room, to keep the light coming in, so I'll have plenty of warp.  It's kind of hard to see in these photos, and honestly, it doesn't look like much yet, after only one repeat, but it's all I've got so far!  I need to get back outside and finish weeding my street-side garden, not to waste a moment of this lovely afternoon.
  Speaking of, when I got back from my piano lesson this afternoon, I heard bagpipes!  I went outside to investigate and took this video of two drummers and two pipers, one of whom is a neighbor, playing for Channel 10 for Alive at Five.  I love bagpipes!  Enjoy, and happy weaving!


LA said...

Thanks for the clip....I'm a big fan of bagpipes, and I think you are one lucky lady catching this little concert! Those lace curtains will look very nice in your living room!

Bonnie said...

Glad that you got some time off. The lace is beautiful and mill look great in the living room. The bag pipes were great.

Tina J said...

You know that I am a Huck/Swedish lace enthusiast! I know you will love weaving your curtains. Hey, maybe I can wea e some curtains with my white warps! Thanks for the inspiration!

Linda said...

I saw them on ch 10! I love bagpipes. I wish they had played more!