Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sweet Saturday Morning

  Back in my teaching days, I loved Saturday mornings because I could sleep in...but then I had to play catch-up on all those little things around the house that I had to get done.
  This morning I woke up to rain on the roof....not a storm, just a lazy rain to encourage me to get things started so I can head out later.  This morning I'm headed to the Farmers' Market to get some more of this lavender.  I planted this two years ago, and I love how it spreads out.  I think I need lots more of this from the ladies at Erin's Meadow Herb Farm.  I also need another jar of local honey!  Mine is almost empty!

  Last night, Maggie and I went to First Friday in Knoxville for dinner and ART.  Carol was one of the featured artist at the Art Mart, and her rugs were on prominent display.  There was a big crowd at the gallery taking in all the displays.  (Carol has on her new vest that she wove recently.)  We also walked down to the 1010 Gallery (local art teachers' work) and the Emporium.  And, since Maggie had to be at work early this morning, we made an early evening of it.  

  My spinning is getting more consistent...still a little too much twist....but the elements are coming together much better.

  Tina and I had our own little Spin-In Wednesday afternoon.  It gave her a chance to trouble shoot what I'm doing, and just relax and spin.  We also brainstormed ideas about our Tuesday Weaver retreat in June.  So many different things we can do that day!!!!!!

  And, Tina did some more fine tuning on the Great Wheel.  I had this old wooden spool, which seems to be doing the trick for the moment.  The yarn on the spindle was spun by Tina....not me!  This was some wool that Tina found in the Annex, and we don't have a clue about the origins of this fleece.
  She also loaned me an out of print book, The Legacy of the Great Wheel by Katy Turner.  What a treasure! 

  And, on the warping board is my jewel tone warp for Hilary's mats.  Hilary, at Crazy As A Loom, shared her draft for bound rugs, and I reduced the draft for hot mats.  I also wanted to practice winding a warp holding four threads at a time using Carol's finger method.  It's over half way through at this point, and I hope to have it on the loom today. 
  It's too wet to weed this morning, so there's a good chance I can get this wound on and threaded....that is, after I get back from the Farmers' Market!!!

So, I'm off to get my errands completed so I can spend the day with fiber.  Sound familiar????
Happy Weaving and Spinning!


Bonnie said...

What beautiful lavender. That is a nice looking warp. What type of mat are you making? You are realling getting the hang of spinning.

Maggie said...

Sounds like a lovely Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I love the jewel tones on the warping board!
Joyce S